Digital forms and workflows to replace paper processes

person using a laptop

Information Systems is beginning a project to replace manual paper processes with online digital forms and workflows.

The first to be replaced is the “Private Data Access” process, which was chosen because of its level of complexity. This new online process was made available on March 5, and paper forms will no longer be accepted for this process after April 1.

Information Systems will begin converting other manual paper processes at a regular rate, with some of the top priorities being access requests for the student, HR and financial systems; “Out of Cycle Pay;” “Supplemental Pay;” Vista Plus; and access removal. Forms will be accessible from the “Administrative Applications and Resources” (AAR) page, and authentication will be through the “single sign-on” currently in use on campus.

Form fields will be automatically filled in through the authentication process to ensure accuracy. End users can access any forms they have initiated or signed at any time and track their progress through the workflow. Multiple signatures can be accommodated for even the most complex workflows. Process initiators will be able to check the status of their submission at any time through a link on the AAR page and to send reminders or ask questions as needed. While end users will be notified by email of a pending request, they will also be able to check their queue to see any pending requests.

As more manual processes are put into production, users should always check the AAR page before completing and routing another paper form.