Deadline nears for open enrollment

Open Enrollment Newsletter

Time is running out for faculty, administrative professionals and non-classified staff who have not yet made changes to their benefits plan for 2016. The last day to enroll is Friday, Nov. 20, and only 10 percent of employees have gone online to sign up since enrollment began three weeks ago.

“We saw a great turnout for last week’s benefits fair with people learning about their options and meeting with vendors and providers,” said Teri Suhr, Human Resources Chief Total Rewards Officer. “But the deadline is fast approaching and we want to make sure employees don’t let time slip away.”

Suhr also said that of the employees who have entered their enrollment in the online system, the new Ram Plan-HDHP has been well-received.

“We are thrilled to see significant interest in the new plan among those employees who have enrolled thus far, but not surprised,” said Suhr. “The Ram Plan was added at the request of employees who wanted the option of a flexible, high-deductible health plan that allows pre-tax contributions into a health savings account or HSA.”

What if I miss open enrollment?

For employees who do not enroll by the deadline, their 2016 benefits will default to 2015 selections with the exception of a flexible spending account (FSA) which must be renewed each year under IRS rules. Employees who miss open enrollment would then have to wait until the next open enrollment period to make changes. Exceptions are made in cases of certain qualifying life events which include having a baby, adopting a child or getting married. An employee might then qualify for a special, limited enrollment period but should contact Human Resources to verify eligibility.

Health Fair offers free flu shots, other services

In addition to ensuring benefits selections are submitted by Friday’s deadline, faculty, administrative professionals and non-classified staff are encouraged to attend the Health Fair this week to take advantage of a range of health and wellness services and screening tests.

Employees enrolled in CSU Anthem medical plans are eligible for free flu shots and lipid/glucose testing (fasting required). Low-fee, preventive health screenings for diabetes, thyroid and other conditions are available along with free biometric assessments for blood pressure, pulse, height, weight and calculation of body mass index. Prior online registration is required for flu shots and screenings requiring a blood draw.

Health Fair dates, hours and location:

LSC North Ballroom

  • 7:30-11 a.m., Tuesday, Nov. 17
  • 7:30-11 a.m., Wednesday, Nov. 18

LSC Rooms 382-386

  • Noon-4 p.m., Friday, Nov. 20