David Jimenez awarded Everyday Hero Award

David Jimenez has been awarded the Everyday Hero Award.

Jimenez has worked for Facilities Management as a Custodial I for three years. He said he came to CSU because of the benefits, and when he saw a job opening, he applied. Most of his time outside of work is spent with his three boys, ages 3, 8, and 12, who play traveling baseball.

fmBrandTerri Pecora said she nominated Jimenez because he is that person behind the scenes who keeps everything clean and maintained. She added that we often don’t think of the job they do in our everyday lives.

According to Pecora, Jimenez and his team go above and beyond. She gave a couple of examples:

1.The floors were in desperate need of a wax recoat. Jimenez cared enough to ask what the office’s hours were so that the work could be completed while staff were out of the office. Then the team came in early to complete the work.

2. Jimenez┬ápays attention to areas and notices when something isn’t right and needs to be fixed or cleaned. One office had a bubble in the ceiling. It had been there for a while, but he asked if it had gotten larger after a rainy period.

3. Jimenez asked about cleaning some offices during a recent move and ensuring everyone had trash and recycle bins in their offices.

“We don’t need to ask for anything, he is always on top of things,” Pecora said. “This can’t be an easy job, but David’s diligence and care certainly make our lives easier and more comfortable and this is why he is our Everyday Hero.”

Everyday Hero is a special program sponsored by the Classified Personnel Council to recognize the day-to-day achievements of all CSU employees (state classified, administrative professionals, and faculty). To nominate someone, visit the CPC website.