CSU wormherders in action in Antarctica

Garwood Valley Antarctica Jan 2017
Researchers from CSU, Dartmouth, Brigham Young University and Virginia Tech wait for the return helicopter in Garwood Valley. Photo: Walter Andriuzzi/CSU

A research team led by Diana Wall, director of the School of Global Environmental Sustainability at Colorado State University, started off the new year at McMurdo Station, the largest Antarctic research center on Ross Island, the southernmost island reachable by sea.

CSU’s Walter Andriuzzi, a post-doctoral researcher, and graduate student Ashley Shaw are blogging about their experiences in the weeks to come. This marks the 27th year that Wall, a University Distinguished Professor, is on “the ice” leading the study of nematodes — roundworms that live in soil.

Read Shaw’s take on the who, what, where and why of the trip.

Andriuzzi recently blogged about the weather, how tough it is conducting fieldwork in Antarctica, and the grandeur of the scenery in the valleys where the team is conducting its research.

The CSU team is joined by others from Brigham Young University, Dartmouth, Virginia Tech and PolarTrec, a program for K-12 teachers to take part in field research in polar regions.

Visit the World of Nematodes blog and PolarTrec’s Tough Tardigrades for additional updates.