CSU voicemail system changes less than a month away

CSU phone

Changes are coming to CSU’s voicemail system on Nov. 4.

On Nov. 4, significant changes are coming to Colorado State University’s voicemail system.

To help faculty and staff prepare for the update, ACNS – Academic Computing & Networking Services — and Telecommunications has created a website at telecom.colostate.edu/vmail-changes.

The website features answers to frequently asked questions to assist with the process. The site also includes user guides on resetting PINs, recording greetings, speed dialing, auto-attendant and more.

Voicemail changes timeline

ACNS and Telecommunications is implementing a new system, called MyPhone voicemail, because Microsoft is discontinuing connection support for the current voicemail product on Dec. 1.

CSU faculty and staff will be able to set up their voicemail beginning Nov. 4, and MyPhone voicemail will go live Nov. 18. The MyPhone voicemail user experience is expected to be similar to the current system.

On Nov. 4, users will receive a temporary dial-in number and a temporary PIN to access the MyPhone voicemail system. With this temporary access, users will able to log in to the system to change their PIN and record their greeting(s) before the system goes live. If users are using call answering rules in the current voicemail system, they will need to set these up again in MyPhone voicemail.

Users will still be able to set up their voicemail after the MyPhone system goes live. However, voicemail will not have a custom greeting and features such as call answering rules will not work until you take action. Voicemail messages saved in the current system will not be moved over to the MyPhone system. Any transcribed voicemail messages that are stored in email will not be affected.

CSU Voicemail Timeline

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Voicemail changes fast facts

Monday, Nov. 4: CSU faculty and staff to receive communications with temporary login information needed to set up MyPhone voicemail with a new PIN and greeting.

Monday, Nov. 18: MyPhone voicemail goes live.

Features: Voicemails will still be sent via email; access and settings will remain located at (970) 491-5500 and myphone.colostate.edu.

Changes: No voicemail transcription; voicemails saved in the current system will not be transferred to MyPhone voicemail; voicemails will be deleted after sitting 30 days in MyPhone voicemail.

Frequently asked questions: telecom.colostate.edu/vmail-changes