CSU Ventures seeks Graduate Student Ambassadors

CSU Ventures, the technology transfer office for Colorado State University, has announced a call for applicants to the 2015-16 Graduate Student Ambassador program.

In addition to managing CSU’s intellectual property, CSUV is committed to delivering a wide array of additional services to faculty, staff and students at CSU.

To better serve the CSU research community, CSUV has developed the Graduate Student Ambassador Program to enhance the vital connection between CSU researchers and CSUV. By engaging graduate students to serve as CSUV Ambassadors on campus, this program will augment CSUV’s visibility and presence among the research community.

For the 2015-16 academic year, CSUV is seeking between seven and 10 student ambassadors to assist and aid in the development of innovative strategies to enhance the presence of CSUV on campus.

Application materials are available at the CSU Ventures website.   Applications are due by 4 p.m. on Aug.14; email them to Steve Foster, director of licensing and business development for CSUV, at steve.foster@colostate.edu.

For questions, please contact Foster or Program Manager  Steve Albers at steve.albers@colostate.edu.