CSU to host quantitative biology summer school

qBio summer school

CSU q-bio Summer School participants will come to campus to explore quantitative biology concepts through lectures, poster sessions, mentored projects, and more. These are last year’s participants. 

For graduate students and postdoctoral researchers looking to sharpen their knowledge and skills in quantitative biology, the q-bio Summer School (qbSS) is the place to be.

From July 11-23, participants from more than 30 universities will attend lectures, panel discussions, poster sessions, and more at one of three qbSS campuses: University of California, San Diego; University of New Mexico; and Colorado State University.

Students may choose an area of focus from eight scientific themes, including computational synthetic biology (UCSD), biomolecular simulations (UNM), cell signaling (UNM), membrane dynamics (UNM), viral dynamics (UNM), single-cell gene regulation (CSU), cancer dynamics (CSU), and complex biological dynamics (CSU). Over the course of the two weeks, students will experience more than 75 hours of instruction within their chosen track.

The 2016 CSU program offers a series of 10 research seminars, 10 general lectures, eight career-focused panel discussions, 10 breakout discussions, 24 student talks, a catered poster session, as well as mentored projects for individual students and small groups. Topics represented at the CSU program include qbSS’s most popular track – single-cell gene regulation – as well as cancer dynamics and complex biological dynamics.

More information

Details for the 2016 CSU q-bio Summer School are listed here.

At the end of the two weeks, students are invited to attend the annual q-bio Student Symposium (July 25-26) and q-bio Conference (July 27-30) at Vanderbilt University. These international programs will feature keynote speakers, more research and poster presentations, and opportunities for networking and fostering collaborations with other members of the quantitative biology community.