CSU student takes second place in Chinese language competition

Chris Lewis, a sophomore at Colorado State University, claimed second place in the Midwest regional Chinese Bridge language competition held in Chicago in April. His prize is a trip to China to participate in the event finals.

2nd_place_winner_for_all_divisionsLewis, a physics major, has always been passionate about Chinese language and culture. As a young child, he watched “Discovery Atlas: China,” which inspired him to want to learn the language. In eighth grade, he started learning Mandarin Chinese and became proficient enough to be placed into accelerated Chinese programs in high school.

“I loved the tonal aspect, something I still think to this day is one of the most beautiful things about the language,” Lewis said.

During his years at Legend High School, Lewis had the opportunity to travel to China and participate in an exchange program.

“China matured me into a young adult. I met some of my best friends there, with whom I am still in contact today,” he explained.

Lewis will be returning to China in July to participate in the “China Bridge” finals. While there, he will attend a one-year study abroad program at Hunan University.