CSU researchers lauded by American Geophysical Union

Elizabeth Barnes, Nathan Mueller and Kelly Wrighton

Researchers Elizabeth Barnes, Nathan Mueller and Kelly Wrighton were honored this week for their work on climate science, the environment and biogeosciences. 

Three scientists from Colorado State University were recognized Sept. 30 by the American Geophysical Union, the world’s largest Earth and space science society.

In its announcement, which recognized 85 scientists, the American Geophysical Union (AGU) said the discoveries and solutions made by these researchers are “remarkable.”

“The awards from the American Geophysical Union for our Colorado State University scientists are a recognition of the important contributions of Elizabeth, Nathan and Kelly’s work as recognized by their peers,” said Mary Pedersen, provost and executive vice president. “Their work also reflects CSU’s research commitment to increasing understanding of the Earth, its atmosphere and space, and what that means for current and future generations. These awards certainly are an honor for them, but also for the entire university.“

“Each of you made tremendous personal sacrifices and selflessly dedicated yourselves to advancing the Earth and space sciences,” read the announcement. The AGU applauded scientists for outstanding accomplishments, despite the recent challenges faced by the global community.

The awards are selected following a nomination process, which varies depending upon the award.

CSU award recipients

Associate Professor Elizabeth Barnes, Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering

Future Horizons in Climate Science: Turco Lectureship, recognizes significant interdisciplinary scientific research, discoveries or advancements in climate science

Assistant Professor Nathan Mueller, Warner College of Natural Resources, College of Agricultural Sciences

Global Environmental Change Early Career Award, recognizing outstanding contributions in research, educational or societal impacts in the area of global environmental change

Assistant Professor Kelly Wrighton, College of Agricultural Sciences

Thomas Hilker Early Career Award for Excellence in Biogeosciences, in recognition of unusually creative work by an early career scientist that advances scientific understanding of biogeosciences

Read more about the AGU award announcement: https://col.st/sndHs