CSU partners with Borlaug Training Foundation

Colorado State University’s College of Agricultural Sciences has established a partnership with the Borlaug Training Foundation, founded in honor of Norman Borlaug, widely known as the “father of the green revolution.” Borlaug was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1970 and was also awarded the National Medal of Science, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and the Congressional Gold Medal for his work with wheat breeding to improve agriculture to help feed a growing world population.

‘Ideal fit for CSU’

BTF logo“The Foundation’s commitment to helping train young researchers in developing nations makes it an ideal fit for CSU,” said Scott Haley, professor of Soil and Crop Sciences and head of the wheat breeding and genetics program at CSU. “The Foundation doesn’t have many relationships with other universities, so it really is an honor for us to be associated with the foundation.” Haley is currently serving on the foundation’s board of directors..

Giving the foundation a home on campus will allow CSU to have an increased presence in the international agriculture community through educational programs, scholar exchanges, and symposia to be held here. The foundation ultimately hopes to bring young researchers from around the world to Fort Collins to learn from CSU faculty members and researchers. CSU faculty members will also be ideally positioned to be involved as teachers with international training opportunities throughout the world.

Excellence in agriculture

“We are excited about establishing this new partnership with CSU,” said Katy Gustafson, executive director of the Borlaug Training Foundation. “CSU has a long history of excellence in the area of agriculture and education, and we look forward to becoming part of that legacy.  In partnering with CSU we look forward to working with the leading minds in agricultural innovation as well as have access to cutting- edge facilities.”

In the first three years of the partnership, the foundation and CSU will work to offer training courses in plant breeding and other disciplines at various sites throughout the world, including at the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center in Mexico. During the next two years, there are hopes to expand the training into additional crops and offer travel scholarships to students. Within five to 10 years, the partnership will produce expanded training courses that will be integrated into the agricultural sciences majors with at least one such course offered every year.

About the Borlaug Training Foundation

The Borlaug Training Foundation is a nonprofit foundation established to provide agricultural-based education and guidance to scientists from developing nations. It continues the applied training legacy of Norman Borlaug by engaging in collaborative activities with educational, industrial, and agricultural partners to generate, disseminate, integrate and apply knowledge. For more information visit the  Borlaug Training Foundation website.