CSU parking and road closures November 2020

West building entry of AZ Building closed Nov. 6-13

The entry on the west side of the AZ (Anatomy Zoology) Building is closed. It is the northmost building entry.

For more information, please contact Adam Garcia in Facilities Management at (970) 682-0013. See the map below for the specific entry highlighted.

Parking lot north of CGMP on Foothills Campus closed Nov. 9-10

A portion of Pitkin Street — north of the Visual Arts Building from the northwest corner of Canvas Stadium to Newton’s Plaza — will be closed Oct. 31 from approximately from 6 a.m. to 1 p.m. This is to set a crane on the roof of the Visual Arts Building.

See the map for the specific area. For more information, contact Barry Willier of Facilities Management at (970) 567-6709.