CSU makes an impression at ClarinetFest 2016

It was a full summer for the Colorado State University Clarinet Studio.

At the beginning of August, clarinet Professor Wesley Ferreira took the Clarinet Choir to the International Clarinet Association’s annual ClarinetFest conference. At the festival, hosted by the University of Kansas, musicians from all around the country gathered to collaborate with colleagues about clarinets, compare and explore new reed options, and learn something new to take home to campus. clarinet-fest-photo-1

The CSU Clarinet Choir was one of 17 groups that performed during the festival. On stage, they immediately caught the attention of everyone there.

According to a report by the International Clarinet Association, “It was apparent from the beginning of the concert that [the CSU Clarinet Choir] was a well-rehearsed group with excellent ensemble playing, beautiful solo work and a strong bass clarinet section.” The report went on to praise the approach to the challenges the music presented, and said that they were “a pleasure to listen to.”

On a soloist level, class of 2016 music alumna Emily Kerski competed and reached the semi-final round of the ICA Young Artists Competition.

“I am extremely proud of the clarinet students at Colorado State University for their level of engagement, professionalism and performance this year at ClarinetFest 2016,” said Ferreira. “Throughout the conference, I received several compliments about them from organizers and other clarinet professionals regarding their networking abilities, attendance at recitals and workshops, and their genuine great attitude and friendliness.”

Alongside a strong performance by CSU music students, multiple CSU faculty shared their skills for audiences to see. Professor Wesley Ferreira performed on five separate performances throughout the festival, and he judged the final round of the ICA Research Competition. On the same day that the clarinet choir performed, Ferreira, CSU music theory Professor Copper Ferreira, graduate student Lara Mitofsky Neuss, Cary Dodson (wife of CSU composition faculty James M. David) and CSU piano Professor Tim Burns performed a recital featuring music written by James M. David.

At the end of the day, Colorado State University made a strong statement at the 2016 ClarinetFest. For readers who want to see more, a video of the clarinet choir’s performance can be viewed here.