11 things that are always free at CSU’s Morgan Library

Morgan Library

There are a lot of words to describe the Morgan Library. Some examples? Welcoming, comfortable, inspiring, community-centered.

One word you’ll never hear? Expensive. Thanks to student fees, state funding and university support, you can find so many free things at the library to help you thrive and succeed at Colorado State University.

Here are 11 examples:

Perfect views

Study views

Views of the Lory Student Center Plaza from the Morgan Library. 

If you need a little mountain inspiration, sit by a window on the second or third floors for some beautiful views of campus and the Rocky Mountains.

Study rooms

With 23 group study rooms to choose from, you and your study buddies can reserve a room with a large digital screen, spacious table, and ergonomic chairs for those marathon study sessions.

Books of all shapes and sizes

Books on Books

Here’s a comparison of the smallest and one of the biggest books at the Morgan Library. (Photo: Jenna Allen, CSU Libraries)

When you have more than 2 million books, there’s bound to be some extremes. The Morgan Library’s tiniest book is “L.C.P’s Book About Book Shops,” measuring a minuscule 1.25 inches by 1. and 75 inches, and one of its largest books is a collection of prints, “Calico Painting and Printing in the East Indies in the XVIIth and XVIIIth Centuries,” measuring a whopping 30 inches by 23 inches.

Both are in the Libraries’ Special Collections and are free to view—just ask!

Basic tech support

The Computer Diagnostic Center can help you with basic tech issues like connecting to Wi-Fi, resetting your NetID, tuning up your laptop and removing malware. The CDC is especially popular at the beginning of each semester.

A little peace and quiet

Student works in the study cube

The Cube is a study space open 24 hours a day so students can study at the library when it’s best for them.

Is your roommate hosting a surprise dance party? Neighbor learning to play the accordion? Dog driving you crazy? If it’s hard to concentrate at home, the Morgan Library can be your refuge. There are countless cozy nooks and quiet spaces for you to hide away and get stuff done.

A group reflection room

A new space in the Morgan Library is the Group Reflection Room. Similar to other small reflection rooms at CSU, the space is open to small groups of people who want to prioritize self-care in a group setting by meditating, praying or spending time together in quiet reflection. It’s the first and only group reflection room on campus.

County and state parks passes

Parks passes

County parks passes come with a whole pack of resources, including a parking pass, recreation map, wildflower guide and junior ranger guide. 

Quality time in nature is part of a happy, healthy life—especially in Colorado! You can borrow a county or state parks pass at the Morgan Library to spend time in nature and recharge.

Sources for research papers and assignments

The night before your first research paper is due, you might be frantically scouring the internet for the perfect sources. Use online library resources and databases to discover sources for scientific evidence, news, historical information, government data and more. These library resources ensure you’ll never ever have to pay to download a source for your paper.

Help from real human beings

Help from real human beings

More than 100 students work for the CSU Libraries, and many staff the front desks at Morgan Library.

Run into a problem in the library? You could grit your teeth and try to make it work by yourself, or you could reach out and get personalized help. Friendly student workers and librarians are ready to help you get what need to succeed.

Educational activities for your kids while you study

Ram Kidz Village is an amazing resource for student parents who are studying or working on group projects at the Morgan Library. Parents can drop off young children at Ram Kidz Village for up to two hours of structured educational activities.


What inspires you to learn? A person? A new idea? A piece of art? A global challenge? Whatever sparks your curiosity, you can pursue your interests with library resources, such as books, movies, databases, technology and expertise.