CSU Lagoon getting significant upgrade

CSU Lagoon

Construction crews have been working on CSU’s Lagoon as part of a rennovation. The Lagoon is expected to be inaccessible and empty of water until early summer 2020.

For only the second time in its history, the Colorado State University Lagoon is undergoing renovation. The pond that has existed since the 1960s west of the Lory Student Center has been fenced off all summer and will remain inaccessible and empty of water until early summer 2020.

Once the project is complete, the Lagoon will be smaller than the original and will have a more naturalistic appearance with a gravel trail, native grasses and border seating along the edge and a new pump system that better circulates and cleans the water. Modifications to the grades of the pond basin will also provide additional stormwater and floodwater capacity if another major flooding event were to ever occur on campus.

The first phase of the renovation will be completed by the end of this week when renovated bike paths and most sidewalks are reopened.

The second phase, beginning in late fall of 2019, will also include work on the west lawn of the LSC, which will force the closure of the main sidewalk from the Veteran’s Bridge to the LSC. Pedestrians will be directed to use the bike path.