CSU introduces ‘Stadium Sessions,’ the new sound of Game Day

CSU has unveiled “Stadium Sessions,” an exciting new series of live performances by top Colorado bands to be held as part of the 2017 football season.

In celebration of its new on-campus football stadium, CSU is elevating the home-game experience for everyone. Beyond the tailgating parties that fans have come to love, Stadium Sessions will become a featured part of a complete package of home-game events, with everything from favorite local food trucks to a variety of family activities.

Hometown music, hometown crowd

Stadium Sessions are open to students, Ram ticket-holders and the public as a whole. Each home game weekend, all are invited to enjoy live performances from some of the community’s favorite Colorado bands — free of charge.

Booking and event coordination were a joint effort among CSU, The Music District and the Bohemian Foundation’s live music booking team. The result: a total of more than 30 bands throughout the football season, across three on-campus stages, with concerts taking place on Friday evenings and for several hours prior to kickoff on Saturdays.

Post Paradise

The Patti Fiasco, Slow Caves, Danielle Ate the Sandwich, Flobots, In the Whale, Porlolo, Post Paradise, Edison, The Burroughs, Last Call Romance and others are all expected to appear during the season-long festival (the final lineup is subject to change).

Welcoming alumni

One of the stages will be set up in the new Iris & Michael Smith Alumni Center, which will play host to “Football Friday” events before each home game.

“Our goal is to make the entire weekend a Ram experience for our alumni, engaging them with their alma mater in a way that we have never had the opportunity before,” says Kristi Bohlender, executive director of the Alumni Association.

It will offer the chance for alumni to gather with friends and family members of all ages, catch the live music, take a selfie with CAM the Ram, meet special guests, and find food and beverages for purchase as well.

Flobots (Photo by Amanda Tipton)

Festive environment

“When we decided to build the new stadium on campus, it wasn’t just about changing the location of our home football games,” said Tom Milligan, CSU vice president for external relations. “It was about creating a festive environment to celebrate all that makes our local culture special, and nothing says Fort Collins like our vibrant music scene. So we’re proud to work with our close partners at The Music District to make this amazing lineup of bands possible.”

To ensure an environment that everyone in the community can enjoy, Stadium Sessions will have something for all ages, including young kids coming to campus with their families — thanks to special appearances by Little Kids Rock.

“A big part of our mission at The Music District is to figure out how music can serve community, how it can bring people together in lots of different contexts to celebrate and explore our common humanity,” says Jesse Elliott, director of The Music District. “CSU serves community in this same way, gathering not just students, but the wider world, to think and listen and laugh and cheer each other on. The Stadium Sessions are a perfect expression of our common goals, and we couldn’t be happier to keep building this partnership with CSU.”

Music from the bands is available on a Spotify playlist. Get the latest information on Stadium Sessions at stadiumsessions.colostate.edu.