CSU faculty, researchers: Apply now for $10,000 Conservation Impact prize

Researchers study diseases in rainbow trout

The Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit at CSU conducts research on whirling disease in rainbow trout. Photo: CSU Photography

To help celebrate Colorado State University’s sesquicentennial, one faculty member or researcher will receive a first-of-its-kind award later this year: the CSU Conservation Impact Prize, launched by the Salazar Center for North American Conservation in partnership with the Office of the Provost & Executive Vice President.

The prize will recognize an outstanding faculty or staff member whose work demonstrates substantial and measurable impact in the field of conservation.

It is also intended to complement the Salazar Center’s annual Conservation Impact Prize, a $100,000 award for a multi-disciplinary team from the United States, Canada, or Mexico whose work demonstrates an innovative approach to a conservation challenge.

The Salazar Center is accepting nominations for the CSU Impact Prize until April 30. All full-time CSU faculty and research staff are eligible, and may be nominated by a peer or by nominating yourself. Submissions will be evaluated by two judges from within the CSU community and one external expert.

Leaders at the Center are encouraging nominations of early-career individuals whose work shows promise for innovation and meaningful change, which fits with the Center’s mission to elevate new and under-represented voices in the conservation conversation.

“CSU is a globally respected leader in environmental and conservation research,” said Beth Conover, executive director of the Salazar Center. “The university is known for its preeminent conservation programs and interdisciplinary strength, which we hope will result in a diverse pool of nominations from the colleges and research entities. We’re excited to be able to recognize some of the amazing work happening here.”

The CSU Conservation Impact Prize winner will be recognized by former Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar at the Center’s second annual symposium, which will be held in Sept. 2020 in Denver. In addition, Salazar Center leadership will celebrate the winner in an on-campus celebration.

For questions, please contact Salazar Center Program Director Dominique Gómez at dominique.gomez@colostate.edu.