“CSU Extension Has Something for Everyone”: 2017 Survey Results

Results from the 2017 survey of Colorado county commissioners indicate a high level of overall satisfaction with CSU Extension’s quality, value, responsiveness, and level of service.CSU Extension 4-H members

“CSU Extension agents work hard to deliver what communities value,” said Lou Swanson, Vice President for Engagement and Director of CSU Extension. “The survey results and comments indicate the success of our Extension faculty and staff. They connect campus resources — including evidence-based information and programs — to communities in a locally meaningful way. And, they help our university research and trainings stay relevant to community needs. Their expertise continues to drive CSU’s success in achieving its land-grant mission.”

Growing with Colorado

CSU Wheat Field days photo of on-farm seminar

CSU Extension has changed with Colorado’s needs. While it still offers the rangeland and field crop expertise critical to Western Slope ranchers and Eastern Plains farmers, it also leads youth development in STEM, robotics, and project management. Other Extension offices provide resources and leadership for fire mitigation, water resources and forest management, and community development initiatives.

Of the 61 counties with local Extension offices surveyed, 51 responded before the survey input deadline. Comments included praise for existing programs as well as recommendations for the future. As one respondent wrote, “Extension in [our county] really does have something for everyone, from 4-H for children to Master Gardening for seniors.”

Download the 2017 survey results summary report