CSU at Todos Santos: Q&A with Amy Rex

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Name: Amy Rex

Amy Rex
The vet student group, Dr. Danielle and I went to a primary school to teach the kids how to take care of their pets, learns and ticks, fleas and worms, and the important of spay and neuter for pets. That was so fun! Kids were really interesting and they had so many questions and comments.

Title/Role at CSU: Administrative and Program Assistant at the CSU Todos Santos Center, and native of Todos Santos

What does your work involve at the Center?

I work in the administrative area with the Director McKenzie Campbell. I help with paperwork, administration, help to ensure everything is appropriate for our staff and, of course, our group visits for students and faculty. This includes helping with services they need, supplies for their stay, classes, projects, etc.I also help in planning special programs in Todos Santos, such as Kids Do It All, by Walt Jones (this being our third year).  I also work helping Dr. Danielle Straatmann in the things she needs (planning, getting things ready, and help on days of surgery) for spay and neuter clinics in the community, going to primary schools with her group of Vet students from CSU: doing presentations for the kids, playing with them, trying to teach them about the importance of spay and neuter, general care for their pets, etc. I also help with translations, and all I can do. I am happy to learn new things and be able to support as much as possible in the CSU Todos Santos Center.

What have you learned from working at the Center?

I think I’m learning every day: new skills to work, to communicate with other people, I learn every day new things about our beautiful town and people.

What would you want people to know about the CSU involvement in Todos Santos?

I would like them to know CSU is important to us, I want them to feel comfortable sharing and learning with our team, to know that we care about the same things as we do. We can learn together and try to help with things we need in town. Together we can do big things.

What is your favorite thing about the Todos Santos community?  

I would say that my favorite thing about my community is the people, they are always open to listen, they want to be a part of new things, I also like that they are protective of their town and families. I think that is good.

Amy Rex is a native of Todos Santos.


About the CSU Todos Santos Center

The Colorado State University Todos Santos Center is the university’s first international location and is core to CSU’s mission of teaching, research, service, and outreach.

The Center provides opportunities for CSU students and Baja California Sur residents to collaborate with local partners and businesses to identify needs, conduct research, and produce impactful outcomes.

CSU’s vision in Todos Santos is to cultivate generations of global citizens and to be a part of creating thriving communities through collaboration, experience, and exchange of knowledge in areas such as agriculture, infectious disease, elementary education, environmental and social sustainability, wildlife ecology, veterinary medicine, and public health.