CSU Adult Fitness Program provides ‘priceless’ care and motivation

photo of a workout

Do you want to exercise regularly, get fit, or lose weight in a supportive environment? The Adult Fitness Program has an enthusiastic group of students and staff from the Department of Health and Exercise Science who work with community members to help them meet their goals.

The program is similar to a gym membership with an affordable monthly fee which includes a weight room, pool, running track, exercise equipment, lockers and fitness classes such as yoga and Zumba

But the program is much more than just a gym. CSU students staff each session as part of a class for their major, taking blood pressure, doing fitness assessments, working as trainers with the members, and leading warmups and fitness classes. Interacting with participants provides real-world experience as they prepare for employment as wellness experts, personal trainers, and cardiac rehabilitation professionals, among others.

Malone checks Pecora's blood pressure.
Malone checks Pecora’s blood pressure.

No excuses

Terri Pecora, a member since 2010, works as an IT supervisor for the CSU Registrar’s Office.

“The program has really helped me find my motivation,” said Pecora, who works out three mornings per week. “Knowing that a student is there to meet me keeps me coming and doesn’t allow me to make excuses for not exercising.”

Pecora has lost about 50 pounds over the years and has seen her cholesterol levels drop. She even completed a sprint distance triathlon. This semester, Pecora is training with Brandon Malone, a senior in health and exercise science.

“This experience has challenged me to take what I’ve done in the classroom and put that information into practice,” Malone said. “It is great to work with a variety of people, at different ages and fitness levels.”

‘Lifelong process’

Malone plans a career as a fitness trainer, possibly working with breast cancer survivors.

“What I like about the program is meeting someone like Terri, hearing her stories and learning her goals and having her goals turn into my goals because I don’t want to let her down. Learning about the lifelong process of fitness shows me changes I can make for myself and others,” Malone said.

“It’s a very positive program and for the cost you can’t get this experience anywhere else. It’s priceless because of the attention and care you get from the students, staff, and fellow members. It’s a non-intimidating, comfortable environment that feels like family. When I participated in a triathlon, five fellow members came to watch and support me, and I don’t think you’d find that at any other gym,” said Pecora.

Adult Fitness is located at the Glenn Morris Fieldhouse on the CSU campus. CSU employees get a discount on the program through Commitment to Campus. For more information on becoming a member, hours, and location, see www.hes.chhs.colostate.edu/outreach/adultfitness.