CPC honors five with Everyday Hero Awards

The Everyday Hero Award is a special program sponsored by the Classified Personnel Council to recognize outstanding employees at Colorado State University. We would like to thank the nominators and celebrate these everyday heroes for helping CSU continue a tradition of success.

Andrew Cundiff

Andrew Cundiff portrait
Andrew Cundiff

Okee Hanna nominated Andrew Cundiff, LSC Catering Coordinator.

“In my almost 21 years of working at CSU, I’ve often thought about nominating someone for the Everyday Hero Award, but I was looking for someone outstanding, someone who has continuously served the CSU community with such consideration, promptness, and graciousness in such a pleasant positive way.

“What is a hero? Well, Superman Christopher Reeve once said, ‘A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.’ When I think of this quote, I think of an individual who genuinely assists quality outcomes to help one’s obstacles whether he/she may have his/her own obstacles to contend with. On so many occasions, Andrew has provided me with options that best fit the need of the events which I was responsible for coordinating, whether it be for a small group of 10 to an enormous amount of over 100. He has come to my rescue on so many instances, I can’t even recall how many; each time, always with such great customer service. With many, many thanks!”

During Andrew’s interview, he talked about how surprised, thrilled and valued he felt in being nominated for the Everyday Hero Award. Andrew has been in his current position since 2008 and with CSU since 2000. During this time, he has enjoyed the people and the LSC community and helping both students and employees. For those who know Andrew, you know he always has a smile. Maybe that comes from all the bowling and home brewing he does. Andrew has served on many CSU committees, most recently on the LSC employee appreciation committee.

Some of Andrew’s favorite activities are chilling out with a Stephen King novel, concocting his latest home brew, or going for that strike at the bowling alley. One fun exploit Andrew shared was when he went night snorkeling off the coast of Kona with 20-foot manta rays. Glad you did not become a snack, Andrew!

Kristy Millsapps

Kristy Millsapps portrait
Kristy Millsapps

Kristy Millsapps, administrative assistant to the Director of Operations at Lory Student Center since May 2017, is recognized as an Everyday Hero because she is phenomenal, according to her nomination.

“She keeps the LSC Operations department functioning through hard work, impeccable organization, and vast knowledge. If Kristy does not have an answer to someone’s question, she will find out quickly. Kristy has the patience of a saint and excellent customer service. There are many who have voiced the same sentiment: Life at LSC is better with Kristy!

“In a time that CSU is getting everyone to think about and exemplify the Principles of Community, Kristy lives and breathes these principles because they are a part of her moral and ethical being. Everyone at LSC and many across campus say she deserves to be recognized for going over and beyond, making CSU a better place to work.”

Kristy is very involved in various committees, including the Assessment, Planning, and Effectiveness committee, Mission 2020, and Asset Works / Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) implementation.

When asked how she felt about the Everyday Hero nomination, she talked of being honored that she was acknowledged, since so many deserve the award and recognition.

When not at the Student Center multi-taking and working hard, Kristy can be found studying for her master’s degree, working alongside her husband and son with their three horses, playing with the dog or listening to their two birds and relaxing.

Amanda Farmer

Amanda Farmer portrait
Amanda Farmer

Amanda Farmer, Admin III at the Institute of Learning and Teaching (TILT), has been a Ram for 5 years. An anonymous fellow Ram nominated Amanda because they appreciate the way “Amanda does little things behind the scenes to help others out and make their job easier. Amanda is known for her bright smile, upbeat and friendly disposition, and making everyone she meets and speaks with feel valued.”

Amanda is a great example to the Principles of Community. Amanda said it is good to be recognized and appreciated, even if her nominator is unknown.

Amanda enjoys working with international students, and enjoys the challenge and the rewards when she helps a student or fellow employee figure out ways around issues.

When not at work, Amanda spends her free time sewing, quilting, scrapbooking, reading her favorite book series by Marsha Canham, The Pirate Wolf series, or watching a good Disney feature. When asked who she would like to share a meal with, her response was poignant and heartfelt. She would choose her late grandmother and to share her special recipe of Mushroom and Rice.

Ross Maybon

Ross Maybon, a carpenter at Lory Student Center since November 2019, was surprised and very appreciative regarding his nomination for the Everyday Hero Award. Ross embodies the Principles of Community and is a shining example in his work and personal life. Ross gives credit to an outstanding work environment and team at the LSC for his success at CSU, and particularly enjoys the variety of work and people and the dedication they have for the LSC and CSU.

When Ross is not at the Student Center working hard, you might find him biking along the Poudre River – he logs about 2,000 miles per year – playing the piano or listening to the Science Friday Podcast. If you ever need a rock or a radio tower climbed, Ross is your guy. He enjoys rock climbing and once made a career out of climbing 2,000-foot-tall radio towers. Some readers might get dizzy just thinking about that job.

Ross is quite active in the CSU and Northern Colorado community. He and his wife are active participants in MURALS and Toys for Tots, “because they make me feel good.”

When asked, “If you could choose anyone with whom to share a meal, who would you pick?” Ross did not hesitate. His answer was LSC’s own Fran Wilson in the CSU Bookstore, because she always makes him feel special and welcome. “Her laugh is so genuine and she makes who ever she is speaking with feel so special.”

Balbino Oqueli

Balbino Oqueli
Balbino Oqueli

Balbino Oqueli was nominated as an Everyday Hero by Jessica Drydahl.

“Balbino is someone who for the past few years I have worked with in the Lory Student Center,” she wrote. “He always greets people with a smile and checks in to see how everyone is doing. He is very dedicated to his job to ensure the LSC is looking great for the 22,000 people that pass through it every week, sometimes coming to the LSC after working another part-time job outside of CSU.

“He is one of the most caring individuals I have met and showed the extent of his care last night,” the nomination continues. “I was working late in the SLiCE office when Balbino checked in, as he saw our office light was on and wanted to make sure everything was okay. I was getting ready to leave and realized I could not find my wallet. Balbino immediately started helping me look for it, even peering in garbages to see if it had somehow fallen in there. When we could not find it, he kept checking to see if I was okay and if I needed anything. He is always a sense of joy in the LSC, and last night’s actions further showed how much he cares for other employees in the Student Center.”

Balbino declined to be interviewed but did say he was happy to be nominated.