CPC announces Everyday Hero Award recipients

The Classified Personnel Council has announced the following outstanding employees as the council’s newest Everyday Heroes.

Emily Farrenkopf

Emily Farrenkopf receiving Everyday Hero Award
Emily Farrenkopf

Farrenkopf has been in her position as office manager for the College of Liberal Arts Academic Support Center for four and a half years. She graduated from CSU with a degree in psychology, but CSU felt like home, and she eventually returned to work here full-time. “I appreciate that CSU embraces diversity, that everyone belongs here,” Farrenkopf says.

Farrenkopf was nominated for the Everyday Hero award by Elizabeth Terry-Emmot, director of the College of Liberal Arts Academic Support Center. Terry-Emmot says she felt that Farrenkopf deserved the award because “Emily is always ready to help anyone who comes to our office who needs help. She handles difficult situations with students really well.” Even when it might not be obvious that a student is struggling, Terry-Emmot said, Farrenkopf is great at navigating tricky emotional territory and helping students access the resources they need.

When she’s not working with students, Farrenkopf spends much of her time leading service trips all over the state – even planning one to Puerto Rico – in her role as youth director for a church in Johnstown. She also spends quality time with her daughter through travel and volunteering at her school. Additionally, Farrenkopf is taking advantage of the Employee Study Privilege and is working toward her master’s degree in school counselling.

“Being nominated for the Everyday Hero award is such an honor,” Farrenkopf says. “I do what I do not for recognition, but because it’s who I am. That said it is great to be recognized!”

Bradley White

Bradley White receiving Everyday Hero Award
Bradley White

White has been in his position as a lead custodian for the Lory Student Center for two years, but has been at CSU for four years. He said he had always heard good things about CSU and wanted to be a part of that community.

Nancy Cowley, environmental services supervisor for the Lory Student Center, says she nominated White because “he’s always working behind the scenes to make everyone’s day better. He was among the first to complete supervisor training, with the goal of improving himself so he can better serve his customers and coworkers. His work ethic and dedication to people bleed over into his personal life, too.”

White says he has enjoyed taking classes through Training and Organizational Development, and that he has grown a lot from each one. He plans to continue working at CSU and gaining more experience to have an all-around knowledge of how CSU works. Eventually, he would like to be a director in his department. Outside of work, White enjoys riding bikes and fishing with his 8-year-old son.

White was a little embarrassed by the nomination for the Everyday Hero award. “My perspective on work is that you show up every day and do your work – it’s just expected. I was surprised to be nominated!”

Everyday Hero is a special program sponsored by the Classified Personnel Council to recognize the day-to-day achievements of all CSU employees (state classified, administrative professionals and faculty). To nominate someone, visit the CPC website.