An intimate portrait of Colorado State University student Katelyn Bieker, who has been working as a certified nursing assistant through the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Each image is meant to help you see more of the day-to-day life of a nurse during this trying time,” said Brooke Kjar, a CSU sophomore, who created the series of photos for CSU photographer John Eisele’s photojournalism class. “Not only has their already intense work schedule become more rigorous, but their home life is far from normal as well. This pandemic not only affects frontline workers individually, but it has effects on their friends, families and pets as well.”

Kjar completed this portrait of her roommate Bieker while the University was teaching and learning remotely at the end of Spring semester.

Through My Eyes and Frontline Uniform

Katelyn Bieker, a sophomore biology major, on her way to work at North Shore Health and Rehabilitation in Loveland on April 23.

Trying to Keep a Routine

Bieker walking her dog, Mia, before leaving for a midday shift on April 20.

Places I Used to Go

Before the pandemic, Bieker used to spend time at the park near her house, now closed and marked off with caution tape due to Colorado’s stay-at-home order. April 20.

A New Normal

Empty shelves at the Fort Collins grocery store where Bieker and her roommates shop. March 28.

The Daily Debrief

Bieker talks with her roommate, Erica, to thank her and her other roommates for taking care of Mia while she works long hours helping care for patients. April 23.

Early Wakeup Call

Bieker’s alarm going off at 5:45 a.m. for one of her early morning shifts on April 28.

Enjoy the Little Things

Bieker gives Mia some love before her work shift on April 23.

Stripped Down

When she returns from her shift, Bieker removes her work clothing in the garage to make sure she does not bring the coronavirus into the spaces she shares with her roommates. April 20.

Late Wakeup Call

Bieker’s alarm going off as a reminder it is time to leave for one of her late-night shifts on April 29.

“Break” Time

Bieker decompresses after a shift on April 23. She intends to continue working in medicine, and when she graduates in 2022, wants to apply to medical school.

About the photographer

Brooke Kjar

Brooke Kjar is a sophomore at Colorado State University, where she is pursuing a degree in journalism with a focus on visual communications. She hopes to one day work for a nonprofit focusing to shed light on social problems. She is passionate about photography as well as storytelling through visual media.