Course surveys delivered through SmartEvals

The CSU Survey Team reminds faculty that this Fall, course surveys will be delivered via SmartEvals, through Canvas.

This new platform will provide more informed and timely feedback to faculty, tools faculty can use to encourage students to complete the survey, and the possibility of flexible survey open and close dates.

Best practice and the experience of CSU faculty colleagues who participated in the two pilots of the platform suggest that several approaches can help to increase the response rate.

First, class time should be dedicated to completing the survey. Second, students should be informed in advance when class time will be set aside and asked to bring their devices on that day. Third, students should be told that the instructor reads responses and uses them to improve course design and instruction. If possible, it’s helpful to provide examples of how survey feedback from prior sections has been used to improve the course.

Finally, students who are absent on the date of survey completion or don’t fully complete the survey during class time should be reminded that they can do so outside of class using the SmartEvals link in Canvas.

Two different survey time frames are available:

• Standard Release – Dec. 9-20
• Late Release – Dec. 16-Jan. 3

If you have any questions or concerns, write to

Learn more about SmartEvals on Canvas, under the Course Survey tab.

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New features, resources

SmartEvals includes features such as:

  • Instructor dashboard
  • Real-time survey completion rates so that instructors can encourage students to hit a target completion rate, offering a small amount of extra credit to all students if the target rate is reached
  • Ability to send students email reminders
  • Delivery of pdf report within 48 hours of survey closing

CSU University Communications Staff