Course on etiquette in the workplace for students Nov. 10

Completing an education is one part of job readiness. The CSU College of Business provides that outstanding academic foundation for its students. But what can be missing in the educational environment is training in business etiquette, or the behaviors that are appropriate and expected for entering the workplace.    Etiquette dinner

As students begin interviewing, they face the challenges of making excellent first impressions, of passing the non-verbal “interview” test, and of “feeling good” to the employer. These skills may not come naturally to millennials after the casual ways in which many were raised. But in the global business community, much of etiquette still matters and needs to be included in a well-rounded education.

The Career Management Center in the College of Business will fulfill that need for interested students. Compliments of a generous donation from 1978 College of Business alumna Leslie Buck, a course titled “Table Manners, How to Navigate a Business Dinner” will be held on Nov. 10 in the Lory Student Center. Marie Hornback of H.M.S. Protocol and Etiquette Training will be the instructor for the course. Hornback is a graduate of The Protocol School of Washington®, a leader in etiquette and protocol services. 

The intention of this class is to enlighten students on subjects such as entering a room with presence, exchanging business cards, understanding meal protocol, the proper use of eating utensils and place settings, performing introductions and dressing for the occasion.

Business students will enroll through the Career Ram/Handshake system on a first come, first served basis. Contact Susan Schell at 970-491-4834 for additional information.