Construction Management unveils new CM Cares donor wall

Story by Daniel Ricci

The Department of Construction Management recently unveiled The CM Cares Pillar Partner Endowment Wall as its newest addition to the Preconstruction Building.

CM Cares is one of the department’s most cherished programs. The program gives students valuable experience in organizing and completing a start-to-finish construction project, but that is not its most important purpose. CM Cares also shows students the power they have to affect peoples’ lives and the communities in which they live. But as with any construction project, the program requires significant financial support. So the viability of CM Cares depends on support of the department’s industry partners.

In June 2014 the Construction Management Department launched its CM Cares Endowment Campaign with the goal of raising $1 million to provide a base of financial support for CM Cares. While supporting only a part of the program’s cost, the endowment is a critical component of its long-term viability. The CM Cares Wall recognizes the pillar contributors who initiated the endowment campaign. These include:PCL Construction, the Ralph C. Wilson Jr. Foundation (championed by Interstate Highway Construction), Swinerton Builders, The Roofing Industry Alliance for Progress, the AGC Future Leaders Forum, US Engineering, The Beavers and Ram Built Alumni.

While the wall recognizes the initiation of the campaign, the final funding goal has not yet been met. The department encourages businesses and individuals who support its mission of being a part of something larger than themselves to contribute to the endowment or otherwise assist with CM Cares.

For more information, contact the CM Cares Coordinator Khristy Preston, at or 970-491-1060, or visit the website