Columbine Health Systems Center for Healthy Aging hosts open house with speakers, demonstrations

CSU’s Columbine Health Systems Center for Healthy Aging is inviting all community members interested in the ever-expanding world of healthy-aging research to an open house event on Wednesday, March 11. This event is being co-sponsored by the Office of the Vice President for Research.

The open house, taking place from 4 to 7 p.m. on the first floor of the CSU Health and Medical Center, will begin with a series of experts giving TED-style presentations. The rest of the night will allow visitors to explore a variety of healthy aging activities and interactive experiences, including virtual reality, balance testing and mindfulness techniques. Attendees will also be able to learn about research trials and community programs related to healthy aging.

Nicole Ehrhart
Nicole Ehrhart

The open house is free to all, but an RSVP is required.

The night is intended to increase collaboration and engagement among CSU faculty, researchers and community members in the pursuit of a healthy, happy life as people age. Dr. Nicole Ehrhart, director of the Columbine Health Systems Center for Healthy Aging, believes this event will provide a way for ideas and knowledge to be exchanged between the community and university.

“I’m excited to show off the Center’s facilities and the groundbreaking research and outreach programs that are happening at CSU,” Ehrhart said.

And in a world where the number of people over the age of 65 will soon represent more than 25% of the planet’s population, Ehrhart understands the scope and complexity that comes with this area of research.

“It will take all of us working together across disciplines to address this grand challenge from various angles and perspectives,” Ehrhart said. “This open house event represents the launch of that effort at CSU, and I hope it will ignite interest from a wide segment of the campus and northern Colorado community.”