Colorado State University Police Department joins pledge to advance women in policing

The Colorado State University Police department has joined a nationwide pledge to increase the number of women in law enforcement and provide more opportunities for women in police leadership positions.

By joining the 30×30 Pledge, CSU has committed to a nationwide goal to increase staffing levels of 30% by 2030, to ensure policing agencies are truly representative of the jurisdiction the agency serves. While 30×30 is focused on advancing women in policing, these principles are applicable to all demographics of diversity, not just gender.

“CSUPD’s employees are part of the campus community, the diversity of our employees should reflect the demographics of our campus, our effectiveness is measured by our ability to build relationships across campus,” CSU Police Chief Jay Callaghan said.

The 30×30 Pledge is a series of low- and no-cost actions policing agencies can take to improve the representation and experiences of women in law enforcement. The activities help policing agencies assess the current state of a department regarding gender equity, identify factors that may be driving any disparities and develop and implement strategies and solutions to eliminate barriers and advance women in policing. These actions address recruitment, assessment, hiring, retention, promotion and agency culture.

The Pledge is the foundational effort of the 30×30 Initiative – a coalition of police leaders, researchers, and professional organizations who have joined together to advance the representation and experiences of women in all ranks of policing across the United States.  The 30×30 Initiative is affiliated with the Policing Project at NYU School of Law and the National Association of Women Law Enforcement Executives (NAWLEE).

“Women in law enforcement tend to use different skill sets and bring a different dynamic to interactions when responding to calls,” said CSUPD Capt. Stacey Clement, who joined CSU in January as the police department’s patrol captain after working 20 years in the Norman Police Department in Oklahoma. She noted data showing women officers using force at less frequent rates than officers who are men.

“In my career, I’ve worked hard to connect with people and give them the opportunity to be heard,” Clement said. “At CSU, we are really focused on educating and helping our community learn to be citizens who are a positive force in their community. The 30×30 pledge can help us in that part of our mission.”

Currently, women make up only 12% of sworn officers and 3% of police leadership in the U.S., according to the 30×30 Initiative.

The 30×30 pledge asks signing departments to examine policies to account for the diverse experiences of women of all backgrounds and life experiences to better promote the creation of a diverse and inclusive workplace for everyone.