Social Justice Workshop on human trafficking

“Supply Chain and Human Trafficking in Colorado” will conclude the Social Justice Workshop Series presented by the College of Business Undergraduate Program for the spring semester.

The workshop will be held at 2 p.m. March 10 in the Bohemian Auditorium in Rockwell Hall West on the CSU campus.

Five panelists will be featured representing different organizations, backgrounds and experience in anti-trafficking efforts based in Colorado. Panelists include Amanda Finger (Laboratory for Combating Human Trafficking), Grace Hanley (CSU College of Business faculty), Lisa Christopherson (U Count Campaign), Mandy Ham (International Justice Mission), and Dan Krause (CSU College of Business faculty).

The workshop will be facilitated by Lumina Albert from the College of Business Department of Management.

Karissa Stolen

Broadening perspectives

“It’s important to help students develop an awareness of social justice issues, especially business majors,” said Karissa Stolen, administrative coordinator for the College of Business Undergraduate Program’s Office. “Cultures and identities can get lost when we get caught up in solely focusing on the bottom line. Cultural competence is necessary for every business professional to actively participate in our global society today.”

Social justice, according to Stolen, refers to the concept of a society in which justice is achieved not only as function of law but also in every aspect of that society: education, economic opportunity, housing, health care, and environmental sustainability.

“The interactive workshops in the Social Justice series engage students, faculty and staff in various issues designed to create a dialogue and broaden participants’ perspectives,” she explained. “These workshops give students, faculty and staff the ability to expand their educational experience, develop core competency skills, enhance leadership capabilities and diversify their career portfolio.”

More information

Social Justice Workshops are open to the CSU campus community; there is no charge to attend, but interested participants are asked to RSVP by email to Business majors are encouraged to stop by the Career Management Center in Rockwell Hall West for more information about how to add professional development experience to their resume.

More information is available by calling 970-491-2103.