Collaborative for Student Achievement moving to stadium Aug. 10-14

The Collaborative for Student Achievement is preparing to move from its current locations in the TILT building and Aylesworth Hall to space in the new on-campus stadium, and its offices will be closed Aug. 10-14.

The new location’s proximity to many classrooms will make student access even more welcoming and convenient.

“We are excited to bring all of our services — Orientation and Transition Programs, Key Learning Communities, Undeclared Academic Advising, Health Profession Advising, Opportunity Scholar Programs, Outreach and Support — together in one location,” says Director Gaye DiGregorio. “The stadium is a great location for us since many of our services are focused on first- and second-year students who live in the residence halls. Student Achievement illuminates the pride of being part of CSU and will bring a large volume of students into the stadium on a regular basis.”

During the office closure, contact information is listed below.

Undeclared & Health Professions Advising:

Advising appointments will resume on Aug. 15. Call (970) 491-7095 to leave a message.

Outreach and Support Programs:

Email or call (970) 491-7095 to leave a message.

Key Communities:

Call (970) 491-3658 to speak with a Key staff member or to leave message.

Orientation & Transition Programs:

Please call (970) 491-6011 to speak with an Orientation & Transition Programs staff member or to leave a message.

Community for Excellence University Initiative:

Email or call (970) 491-5576 to speak with or leave a message for Aaron Escobedo.

Scholar Programs:

Email Fabiola.Mora@ or call (970) 491-7095 to leave a message.

CSU University Communications Staff