Classified Personnel Council recognizes ‘Everyday Heroes’

The Everyday Hero Award is a special program sponsored by the Classified Personnel Council to recognize outstanding employees at Colorado State University. We would like to thank the nominators and celebrate these everyday heroes for helping CSU continue a tradition of success.

Marjorie Moss

Marjorie Moss
Marjorie Moss

Neely Santeramo, Kim Daggett and Carly Hennegan nominated Marjorie Moss, an academic success coordinator in the College of Liberal Arts.

A team of nominators shared numerous ways that Moss shines as an Everyday Hero: “Marjorie’s nomination for this award has everything to do with her exemplary day-to-day job performance. Marjorie has made significant contributions to the students she advises, as well as students in her college and in the wider CSU community. Marjorie is strongly dedicated to her work with Music, Theatre, and Dance students in the College of Liberal Arts. She makes an extra effort to know all of her students’ names and areas of focus right from the time she meets them at orientation.”

Evidence of this is reflected in the responses that Moss has received in her advising surveys. She consistently gets excellent ratings on her student advising surveys. One student said, “She knew me and my situation all throughout my years at CSU. I felt she was an advocate for me and a partner in my education plans. In no other college has the advisor actually even cared enough to know my name. Marjorie is absolutely amazing.”

Moss has worked at CSU for eight years, seven as an academic success coordinator for the College of Liberal Arts. Moss is clear that the best part of her job is working with the students. She shared: “Since I advise music, theatre, and dance students, another wonderful aspect of my job is attending music and dance concerts, theatre shows, and final recitals. I love seeing students in their creative elements and witnessing first-hand all the hard work they put into their craft as performers.”

Moss also shared: “I’m very honored to have been nominated by my fellow advisors in the College of Liberal Arts. I think very highly of them as both friends and colleagues, so their nomination means the world to me, and I appreciate being recognized!”

If you want to know more about this Everyday Hero, ask her for tips about backpacking around Europe, since she traveled there solo for a month after finishing college.

Jim Thake

Jim Thake
Jim Thake (center)

Dottie Cartrite nominated Jim Thake, a custodian in Facilities Management.

Cartrite said: “Jim is exceptional. Our CSU Department of Construction Management is located in some of the oldest buildings on campus. And, Jim has a deep respect for the old woodwork, wood floors, stained glass, and unique qualities of these old buildings. He knows the quirks of the old plumbing, the high ceilings and electrical challenges, the beautiful woodwork on the magnificent staircase, leaky roofs, etc., etc., and takes special care with all. He polishes and oils the old woodwork so it looks its best all the time; he keeps our staff kitchen, student lounge areas, and restrooms spotless. Jim is an exceptional worker and conscientious employee. We believe Jim is highly deserving of an Everyday Hero award every single day.”

Thake has worked as a custodian at CSU for 12 years. Thake most enjoys his contact with students and the opportunities to work in the older buildings across CSU. This might come as no surprise to those who know and work with him. Outside of work, Thake takes a real interest in both railroad and industrial history. And, since 2010, he has been a member of the Fort Collins Municipal Railway Society, volunteering for both equipment restoration efforts and as a motor man.

Thake indicated that he was grateful and surprised to be nominated as an Everyday Hero. But when you learn about his commitments and his conscientious approach, you’ll see an Everyday Hero just like we do.

Congratulations, Jim – and thanks for your work.

Cassi White

Cassi White
Cassi White

Paul Newman nominated Cassi White, director of football administration in the Department of Athletics.

White has been a CSU Ram for the past two years, making the move to Fort Collins and CSU as part of the staff working with Football Coach Steve Addazio. White works as the director of football programs, which among other things includes planning and coordinating team travel, team meals, and countless other team logistics.

As part of the nomination process, Newman wrote: “Cassi works with many people to make the football team be the best that they can be on the road as well at home. Cassi is very polite to all she deals with in any given day be it custodial staff, outside vendors, or the general public. Cassi treats everyone as if you are a CEO of your department, no matter what your title may be.”

White shared that it has been a great few years being here as a part of this beautiful campus and community, but the best part of all is being part of a team and working with all the great people who embody the team spirit. White has been doing a lot of hiking and looks forward to discovering more of the trails and outdoors that northern Colorado has to offer.

White earned a B.A. in journalism from Michigan State University — and earned her black belt in karate while in third grade! White was honored to be notified she had been nominated by Newman, suggesting he deserved the recognition more than anyone else.

It is this type of mutual respect that makes a team special and makes Cassi an Everyday Hero.