Classified Personnel Council names two new Everyday Heroes

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The Everyday Hero is a special program sponsored by the Classified Personnel Council to recognize the day-to-day achievements of all Colorado State University employees (state classified, administrative professionals and faculty). The council would like to congratulate two new Everyday Heroes.

Janet Porter-Azure

Janet Porter-Azure, an Administrative Assistant III in Admissions Processing, is an Everyday Hero. Janet was nominated for the award by a student she helped navigate potential programs, including a recently completed certificate program, and assisted in applying for a Master of Public Policy and Administration. The nominator said of Janet, she “has worked tirelessly for the last year in helping me get into graduate school. …I could not have gotten this far without her help. The Admissions Department and The Graduate School truly have a superhero for students in their midst.”

Janet has been at CSU since 2011, and in her current position since February 2016. When asked what she loves most about her work, Janet said, “I tend to gravitate to problem-solving situations and love interacting with our graduate applicants to learn a little more about them as people and their hopes and goals for their time at CSU. I also have to give a big shout-out to the entire Admissions team! It’s a great group of many talents and personalities but the common thread is the sincere desire to help and to remove barriers to access, and it just makes our day when we’re able to accomplish that goal.”

Janet is an expert in helping guide students through the admissions process and finding what programs are best for their goals, so we were curious what people might be surprised to learn about her. “When I was in my twenties, I quit my job, packed up my entire apartment and moved myself and my husky dog to Maui for a year. It was fabulous.”

Maybe this sense of exploration and adventure is what makes her so great in her current position, helping students navigate their individual paths to success.

In addition to her work with Admissions, she also gets involved with “social justice activism and community advisory committees within [the] local school district.” She is a voracious reader and claims there’s no way she could pick just one favorite book. “You can typically find me tucked in a corner with my nose in a book whenever I get a few minutes of down time. In recent years, I’ve also taken up mixed-media and collage art.” Another hobby is listening to podcasts. “I just finished the most recent season of ‘Revisionist History’ with Malcolm Gladwell and have started relistening to old episodes. There is also a podcast called ‘Dumb People Town,’ which never fails to make me laugh.”

Lynsey Bosch

Lynsey Bosch, Operations Manager at the Translational Medicine Institute in the Department of Clinical Sciences, has been at CSU for 15 years. Recently, she’s been working remotely due to the pandemic. Participating on a number of committees and teams, Lynsey contributes to the TMI Leadership Team; Medical Records Committee; TMI Communication and Culture Committee; Veterinary Health System Working Groups: People First/Culture, HR, Facilities & Security; CVMBS Committee on Resilience and Engagement; VHS New Employee Orientation Committee; and a number of other groups.

“Lynsey is always thinking outside the box on ways to improve the operational efficiency for the TMI and the lives of those who work here,” according to her nominator. “Lynsey lives by an unwavering moral code that is 100% in line with CSU’s Principles of Community. She’s not afraid to ask difficult questions and implement positive change throughout the building. Inclusion is a top priority for her and she is constantly striving to better herself and those around her. She is the staff’s go-to because she produces results and truly listens and cares about those she works with.”

We asked Lynsey what she most enjoys about her position and work at CSU. Her response was reflective of her nomination: “I enjoy the people that I work with! We have amazing people at the TMI who are passionate about what they do. From the directors, the world-renowned faculty clinician scientists, the Ph.D. investigators, the talented staff, and the vibrant graduate students. I also enjoy the daily challenges I’m presented with and how my job spans many subject areas so it’s different every day.”

Speaking of her Everyday Hero Award, she said, “I couldn’t do all that I do without a great team of people working toward our goals.”

Lynsey Bosch Portrait

Lynsey Bosch

When she’s not busy with work, she’s got a full lineup of interests to keep her engaged.  “I love gardening, cooking, reading fiction novels, travel, camping, hiking, yoga, watching and playing soccer with my kids, and I’m a foodie.”

An interesting fact that people may not know about her is that she was born in England. Lynsey says she “moved to Michigan as a child and [has] extensive family throughout England.” For fun we asked her, if you could choose anyone with whom to share a meal, who would you pick? Her response: “Dave Matthews, lead singer of the Dave Matthews Band! If Dave was unavailable, I would choose Michelle Obama.”

If you’d like to nominate an Everyday Hero, please visit the CPC website.