City enforcing no parking on Lake Street

City of Fort Collins Parking Services staff is enforcing no parking along Lake Street on campus from College Avenue west to the railroad tracks, starting this week. The change to parking regulations came after the city repaved the street and added bike lanes. Lake Street is one of the few city streets on campus, maintained by city crews and that falls under city parking regulations instead of university regulations.

The no parking zone in enforceable with tickets for parking in a no parking zone, and for parking in a bike lane.

While the current enforcement applies to only a small section of Lake Street, nearly the entire stretch of Lake Street through campus, with the exception of the farthest west area near the west side of the stadium, will be enforced as no parking starting in late July. That change will take place after the city repaves that section of the street and adds additional bike lanes. The city also plans to implement a city residential parking permit program on the far west stretch of the street on campus later this summer, which requires a special city neighborhood permit and reserves parking for residents of the street and their guests.

For more information about Lake Street parking enforcement and the city’s plans for a residential permit system, contact the City of Fort Collins Parking Services office.