City adopts a new residential parking permit program

The City of Fort Collins has launched a new parking permit program to ease on-street parking congestion in several neighborhoods.

parking-275The Residential Parking Permit Program, called RP3, helps to provide close and convenient on-street parking for residents, using a system that limits parking in a neighborhood to only those residents and their guests with permits.

The Spring CourtSheeley and Mantz neighborhoods are the first to adopt the program; additional neighborhoods are exploring the program. Each neighborhood in the program has its own unique parking requirements. For more information, visit the City of Fort Collins website or call (970) 416-2036.

Don’t park in these neighborhoods

Students and employees should avoid parking in all neighborhoods near campus and consider taking advantage of local alternative transportation options, such as MAX or Transfort, to commute to campus. Students and employees who do choose to park in a permit program zone will receive a citation.