Cheers to 50 years! Raise a glass of Stalwart Golden Ale

stalwart_glassTo commemorate the 50th anniversary of Colorado State University’s College of Business, at this weekend’s Homecoming festivities Odell Brewing Company is debuting Stalwart Golden Ale: a Colorado golden ale to celebrate a golden anniversary. Stalwart Golden Ale is the product of a collaborative effort unlike any other.

The idea was born out of a CSU College of Business Global Leadership Council meeting during a brainstorming session about the college’s milestone birthday. The realization that the university has unique assets – locally grown hops, successful fermentation science program, finance and marketing expertise and partnership with Odell’s – was the light-bulb moment.

Hops grown in CSU’s state-of-the-art Horticulture Center

The hops for Stalwart Golden Ale were grown in CSU’s state-of-the-art Horticulture Center. A collaborative partnership with Philips Lighting allows Bill Bauerle, professor of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture at CSU, to produce and harvest hops five times a year — something unique in the United States. CSU’s Horticulture Center is one of the only growing facilities in the country using the specialized Philips Horticulture LED Solutions lighting, which supports a much quicker growing cycle.

Business and Fermentation Science students join forces

CSU’s successful Fermentation Science and Technology (FST) program, which educates students in the science and art of fermenting beverages and foods, worked with CSU’s College of Business students to develop the recipe for the golden ale.

Hunkered down in the Odell brew house early in July, Business and FST students began their ideation in the auspices of 90 Shilling Ale, Runoff Red IPA, Cutthroat Porter and Easy Street Wheat. Moments earlier, Doug Odell, co-founder and owner of Odell Brewing Company, had taken the group on a tour, pointing out brew kettles and massive fermenters, walking the students through the steps that the anniversary beer would take before it came to fruition.

Jeffrey Callaway, associate director for CSU’s Fermentation Science and Technology program, then worked with FST students on the brewing science aspect that led to the finished product that is Stalwart Golden Ale.

Building off of their expertise in finance, marketing and beverage industry operations, College of Business graduate and undergraduate students brought a wide mix of complementary skills to the project. This effort, while not the first beer to be brewed by the college, stands to be one of its most successful.

“Creating opportunities for our business students to work together – and make connections with people outside the college – serves the dual role of exposing them to new ideas and preparing them to work collaboratively once they leave CSU and start their careers,” said College of Business Dean Beth Walker.

Label competition tested by Nielsen

College of Business graduate Karen Fichuk, who serves as president, Lead Markets, for Nielsen, also pitched in. She offered Nielsen’s services to conduct a student and alumni label design competition through the marketing research firm to assess messaging power. Students and graduates from colleges across Colorado State University were invited to submit their ideas for a name, label design and idea behind the concept. Alumna Abby Lawson’s striking illustration incorporating the Rocky Mountains, Aggies A and a proud ram was chosen as the winner. The 2011 CSU graduate studied graphic design and works as a web designer in Denver, bringing her strong sense of aesthetics to the project.

Collaboration leads to success

“Odell Brewing is proud to have been able to take part in this collaboration with the students of the College of Business and the Fermentation Science and Technology Program, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the College of Business,” said Odell. “We are pleased to continue our mutually beneficial relationship with CSU with this project.”

“I don’t think there is anywhere else in the world this could have come together like it did at CSU,” said Walker. “From the CSU-grown hops to the amazing work of the students and faculty in Fermentation Science and Technology, to the contributions of College of Business students and alumna Karen Fichuk, to Doug Odell serving as an advisor and generously opening up his brewery to the team, this was truly a successful and unique endeavor that produced an amazing product. The deep-seated industry and intercollege cooperation that have defined the celebratory venture are values that advance the entire College of Business and are continually helping to propel students forward.”

The finished product

Stalwart Golden Ale is an easy-drinking beer featuring Colorado-produced ingredients, including hydroponically grown hops from CSU, barley and wheat grown and malted in Colorado, beet sugar and honey. The beer exhibits an aroma of pear, apple, peach, apricot and melon. The flavor has a firm malt base, with peach, apricot, melon and honey characteristics. The beer finishes fairly dry and smooth.

Where to get it

Stalwart Golden Ale will be available for a limited time at Odell Brewing’s Tap Room and CSU’s Ramskeller Pub starting Oct. 8, during CSU’s Homecoming and Family Weekend. To celebrate this special occasion with a lasting memento, CSU’s College of Business has partnered with Odell’s to produce wall art, posters, pint glasses and growlers that will be sold by the CSU Bookstore. Half of the net  proceeds from sales of these items will go toward funding student scholarships. To purchase merchandise, visit

More information about the beer and winning design can be found on the College of Business website at:

On the label

The beer’s label reads, “To commemorate the golden anniversary of the College of Business at Colorado State University we’ve created a delicious brew that pays homage to the dedicated people who make the COB successful. Stalwart Golden Ale is proudly brewed with 100% Colorado-sourced ingredients, including hops grown on campus at CSU. Just like the COB, you’ll find this beer to be refreshing, innovative, and of superior quality. We invite you to enjoy this Golden Ale while reflecting on the many accomplishments of the College of Business and its more than 27,000 loyal alumni. Cheers to an incredible 50 years!”

CSU College of Business celebrates 50 years

The College of Business at CSU is among the top 50 accredited business programs in the country for graduate programs (U.S. News and World Report) and ranks 44th among all public universities for undergraduate business schools (Bloomberg Businessweek). The college educates more than 5,400 undergraduate and graduate students annually. The COB is the top business school choice among Colorado’s high school graduates. Students compete and win regional and national competitions, and more than 90 percent move on to receive job offers within 90 days of graduation, with an average starting salary of $47,000 for undergraduate students. The MBA program is the largest in Colorado, and more than 27,000 graduates have made a difference locally and around the world. Several College of Business entrepreneurs have launched their own companies, proudly proclaiming “Born at CSU Business.” The college is a pioneer in education, with one of the first accredited distance programs in the U.S. Learn more at