Celebrating Valentine’s Day at CSU Todos Santos Center in Mexico

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Officially known as Dia del Amor y la Amistad (Day of Love and Friendship), Valentine’s Day doesn’t look the same in Mexico as it does in the United States. In Mexico on Feb. 14, friends and family as much as significant others are lavished with warmth, love, and appreciation. Due to the pandemic, Valentine’s Day for many of us looks different this year regardless of where we live.

Alex Miro, a Todos Santos Center partner, is showing love and appreciation for his community and the planet through recycling and teaching Colorado State University students when they come to the center.

Meet Alex Miro

A self-defined “short-haired hippie,” Miro began his recycling business in the town of Todos Santos 10 years ago. Through his business, he met his life partner, Lupita Navarro.

“First, she was my collaborator, my right hand, my left hand, and when you realize [that] she is already your partner,” Miro says of their love.

Miro acknowledges that celebrating this year with his family and friends more than six feet away is especially hard on all.

“Typically, we celebrate [this day] above all as a day of friendship, although every day should be friendship day, and we celebrate it with family and friends,” he explains. “This year has been traumatic because of COVID, especially for people who are very affectionate and enjoy showing affection. It’s not the same to hug, touch people, or see them in person as it is to send a WhatsApp message. However, [the pandemic] has been a reason to strengthen relationships despite the distance. May this be a time to value our existence, [since] the pandemic has brought us close to death. I believe that every day must be a day of love and friendship. We need more companionship, hope, faith.”

Over the years, he has worked with many CSU students in programs such as agriculture, oceanography, conservation biology, interior design, engineering, liberal arts, and programs with an interest specifically in sustainability and plastics. He’s also collaborated with CSU interns on and has been active in community educational outreach efforts in schools.

Alex Miro

Alex Miro receives a gift from the Todos Santos Center in honor of his work with CSU students.

“I’ve known Alex since long before the Center was built,” says Kim Kita, director of the Todos Santos Center. “His passion and generosity are contagious. Beyond his friendship, his knowledge of recycling is astounding – he has statistics about who recycles, how much is diverted from the landfill, and by how much more we should reduce our use of plastics in particular. He generously shares that knowledge with CSU students and staff when they come to Todos Santos.”

To echo Alex Miro’s words, may this Valentine’s Day be a time to value our connections to others as a day of love and friendship.

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