Celebrate Around the Horn on Nov. 13

The Around the Horn is a new, free shuttle bus route designed to help students, faculty, staff and visitors get across campus quickly, conveniently and safely. The route began in August and features 15 stops across campus, with a loop that begins at the Lake Street Garage, to and around the Oval, across the Lory Student Center, down to Moby Arena, and back.

On Nov. 13 CSU students will be hosting a campaign to advertise the utility and convenience of Around the Horn. There will be groups of students set up from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the bus stop on Plum St. near Laurel Village and on Lake St. near the parking garage. These students will have snacks and T-shirts to give away to students, employees and visitors who download the Transfort App and take a ride on the bus.

The university will also be hosting an Instagram contest for anyone who rides the bus. The most creative picture posted with the hashtag #aroundthehorn will win a prize.aroundtheHorn-Stops-18in-out-01

The goal of this event is to spark interest in the Around the Horn shuttle bus, while providing information and resources on transportation at CSU.


About Around the Horn

This shuttle bus system was funded in part by a vote of CSU students. The system was implemented by the city’s Transfort system with the help of the CSU student government and the university’s Division of Parking and Transportation Services.  The bus route is a circle around campus (going both north and south). There are 14 total stops throughout campus. The entire route takes only 10 minutes. The purpose of this bus is to make campus commutes easier and to encourage people to utilize other forms of transportation other than driving.