Celebrate! 20 years at CSU: Mark Breuer

Mark Breuer’s love for computers and software has grown over his 20 years as an employee at Colorado State.

He celebrates his 20-year milestone at Colorado State this year. Breuer has been with the University on and off for years, but it is “hard to believe” his time had already totaled to 20 years, he said.

Though his years with the University have not been consecutive, his dedication to CSU has proven consistent.  Breuer started working for the University as a student employee in the summer of 1989 and worked on campus until his graduation in 1995. All of his hourly positions centered around working with computers, all the while developing his passion for technology. His current position is IT Administrator for Parking & Transportation Services.

Celebrate! CSU Milestones

Colorado State University employees achieving a decade of service or more this year will be honored at the annual Celebrate! CSU Milestones event Tuesday, May 2, at 4 p.m. in the LSC Grand Ballroom.

The path leads back to CSU

Breuer’s roots at CSU began with the generation before him. His mother and uncle were both employees at the University when he was young, sparking his interest in being a Ram early on.

Being from Fort Collins, Breuer always hoped his path would lead him back to Colorado State for full-time employment. After graduation, he explored other options in Fort Collins and Northern Colorado, including self-employment. Eventually, he took a position with CSU’s Parking Services, bringing him back to the place he knows best.

He started at the front desk, handling phone calls and customer service and eventually worked his way up to the top. Today, he manages and analyzes all data that pertains to Parking & Transportation Services. His interest in his field sometimes drives him to manipulate data to find trends, “just for fun,” he said.

Breuer also enjoys a bit of friendly competition on the job. He remembers a permit-selling competition between himself and his coworkers a few years back. It was a great way to bond with the team while getting the job done. Winning the competition was a plus!

A sense of community

In his first position with Parking Services, Breuer enjoyed constantly getting to connect with the people in the community. “By and large, CSU is full of excellent people,” he said. He appreciates the diversity and different perspectives that Colorado State has to offer.

In his years at the University, Breuer has maintained relationships with a number of people in the community.  His advisor,  Robert Cavarra, doubled as his music teacher and eventually as a close friend. Breuer was delighted to be able to bond over music and laughter with his favorite professor. As they stayed in touch over the years, Breuer was elated to be able to ask his mentor to conduct his wedding ceremony.

Unleashing some creativity

Breuer’s everyday involves a great deal of data and equations. Outside of the office, however, he enjoys getting more creative. He likes to spend time with his young children, watch classic movies with his wife, and write fiction novels. “I always like a good story,” he said.

His passion for writing came long before he was a student. He attributes his appreciation for the subject to his grandmother, who was a small-town history writer and journalist. Her published novels have inspired him to be published himself one day.