Join in the fun at the homecoming parade

Homecoming at Colorado State UniversityBe part of the biggest homecoming party in a century – join the parade! Entry applications for the Oct. 17 CSU Homecoming Parade are due by Oct. 9. CSU/education entries (K-12 and CSU students/organizations) are $100, while business/nonprofit/community group/other entries are $225. 100 years This year’s parade will celebrate “100 years of Homecoming.” Parade entrants must incorporate one or more of the following themes:

  • A moment of achievement in CSU's history.
  • A throwback to an old CSU homecoming tradition (pajama parade, torchlight parade, royalty, “kangaroo court,” etc.
  • An interpretation of the future of homecoming. What will it look like in 50 or 100 years?
  • A celebration of CSU and Ram spirit.
Rules, registration info Guidelines for participants are available online. Entries can be submitted online, via e-mail ( or mail at Homecoming Parade, CSU Events & Donor Relations, 7140 Campus Delivery, Fort Collins, CO 80523-7140. For information, contact the Office of CSU Events & Donor Relations at (970) 491-5171.

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Volunteers sought for weight-loss study

[caption id="attachment_3427" align="alignright" width="300"]Curcumin root and turmeric powder Curcumin root and turmeric powder[/caption] A CSU researcher is seeking volunteers to participate in a study on a dietary supplement that may promote weight loss and improve control of blood sugar. In the study, being conducted by the Human Performance Clinical/Research Laboratory in the Department of Health and Exercise Science, participants will be given only natural ingredients: curcumin and alpha-lipoic acid. Volunteers should be 18-65 years old, weigh more than they desire, and/or have a fasting blood sugar (glucose) concentration greater than 100 mg/dL. Volunteers should not currently be using medications for weight loss or blood sugar control. Participants will receive financial compensation for time spent in the laboratory. They will be asked to exercise, undergo measures of metabolic rate (how many calories are burned) and blood sugar control, provide blood and muscle samples, and eat the small dietary supplement (capsules) daily for 12 weeks. The investigators in the study are Christopher Bell, a CSU associate professor of health and exercise science, and Sreejayan Nair, an associate professor in the School of Pharmacy at the University of Wyoming, where the collected tissue samples will be tested at the cellular level. The two-year study, which is funded by a National Institutes of Health program called IDeA Networks for Biomedical Research Excellence, ends next summer. The Department of Health and Exercise Science is in CSU's College of Health and Human Sciences. For more information, contact the lab at 970-491-3495 or This protocol has been approved by the Institutional Review Board at CSU (Protocol# 13-4282H).

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CSUPD releases annual campus crime statistics

CSUPD_shield_300The CSU Police Department releases campus crime statistics and important safety to the university community each fall. These campus crime statistics can be found online. This report contains:

  • University Drug and Alcohol Policy
  • 2014 Fire and Safety Update
  • Crime statistics for the last three years (2011, 2012 and 2013)
  • Campus safety information and resources
The report informs the university community about important procedures, policies, crime prevention programs and campus crime statistics. A downloadable version of the report is available at A link to the report also is available, along with other campus health and safety information, at A paper copy of the full report is available upon request by contacting CSUPD. For more information, contact the CSU Police Department at 970-491-1160. This report includes statistics for the previous three years concerning reported crimes that occurred on-campus, in certain off-campus buildings or property owned or controlled by Colorado State University, and on public property surrounding campus. In addition to the full report, a summary of the report is available as a pamphlet at the Colorado State University Police Department in Green Hall or the Lory Student Center Bookstore. This pamphlet provides crime statistics for 2013 and abbreviated campus safety information. This information is distributed in compliance with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security and Campus Crime Statistics Act. The act requires colleges and universities to disclose information on security policies and timely, annual information about crime on and around campus. The CSU Police Department is also required to notify the university community about public information regarding registered sex offenders, as required by Megan's Law. A current listing of sex offenders is available at the Colorado Bureau of Investigation website at For more information about general health and safety on campus, visit

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Fall season calls for new issue of The Fashion Report

The Fashion Report, a student-run magazine produced by the Fashion Group International student group at CSU, released its fall/winter issue now available on the magazine's new website. This is the publication's fifth issue, and its release marks the beginning of an exciting semester filled with many changes for the magazine. Part of the CSU community fashion report fallwinter"In this issue we tried to highlight styles and trends that most appeal to the typical college student," explained Taylor Jaquez, public relations director for The Fashion Report, on this season's issue, "with the desire to dress to impress within the confines of their budget and busy schedule." Jet-setting fashionista and fashionisto Rams can now stay on top of the latest trends in the fashion industry with The Fashion Report's website, which offers up-to-date reports on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The Fashion Report also plans on involving students in its fashion updates this semester. "In particular, our brilliant social media team will be going around campus and taking pictures of the fashionably dressed members of our CSU community," Jaquez said. Expanding the horizons of fashion This semester, The Fashion Report is implementing several new changes, which are effective in the new fall/winter issue. For example, a new demographic has been included in this season's issue. "This is the first issue we have included menswear trends, seen in the Extortion photo shoot," Jaquez said. "The classic styles of button-down shirts and dress coats are updated with new patterns and accessories like suspenders, vests and ties." Another new feature is the magazine's recognition of local businesses and tips on how to find unique fashion in Fort Collins. "We want to highlight those hidden gems around Fort Collins, because it's an amazing city and there are so many entrepreneurs accomplishing remarkable things that we think deserve attention," Jaquez said. Publication growing rapidly The Fashion Report's success is evident in its increased staff. To date, the magazine has 66 contributors, allowing more diversity in job positions and helping the publication progress. While preparing next season's issue, The Fashion Report provides weekly fashion articles and updated fashion content to The Rocky Mountain Collegian, which can be found on the Collegian's website and in every Wednesday's print issue.

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Brad Udall joins Colorado Water Institute

Brad Udal, CWICSU's Colorado Water Institute hired Brad Udall as its first senior water and climate research scientist/scholar to provide additional expertise in the field of water resources and climate change. Extensive experience Udall has extensive experience in water and climate policy issues, most recently as the director of the Getches-Wilkinson Center for Natural Resources, Energy and the Environment and the Western Water Assessment at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Udall’s hire will extend the reach of CSU’s water research and outreach programs by linking climate mitigation and adaptation research with water quality/quantity and other sustainability issues in the western United States. He has an engineering degree from Stanford and an MBA from CSU. In his new role, Udall will build on CSU’s nationally recognized water expertise by adding additional focus in the Rio Grande and Colorado River Basins and in the area of water and climate policy needs for the 21st Century.

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Pledge to be sustainable

CSU's Green Warrior challenge begins Monday, Sept. 22 and runs through Sunday, Nov. 16. During this eight week-long sustainable behavior change campaign, students are encouraged to adopt more sustainable practices. This year is the fourth year of Green Warrior. To date, more than 4,000 students  have become Green Warriors to help change our planet's future. When students sign up to become a Green Warrior they can choose to pledge from a multitude of sustainable habits, such as:

  • taking shorter showers
  • turning the lights off when leaving residence hall rooms
  • using reusable bags when grocery shopping
  • using alternative transportation
Students earn prizes based on a point-based system tallied by how many sustainable behavior choices pledged. Prizes this year include CFL light bulbs, Green Warrior stickers, remote controlled power strips, Green Warrior T-shirts, and one lucky person will be picked out of a drawing to win a bike of their choosing from Recycled Cycles. Participate in this year’s Green Warrior campaign and help foster a sustainable culture at CSU.

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Join the Student Health Advisory Council

Caduceus with First-aid KitThe Student Health Advisory Council (SHAC) is a group of students who serve as a liaison between the student body and the CSU Health Network. SHAC members provide feedback to the CSU Health Network about budgets and programs to ensure that health services on campus represent student needs. Get involved Meetings will be held once a month (or as needed). Applications are available online and are due Monday, Sept. 15.

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