CASA is now Collaborative for Student Achievement

The Center for Advising and Student Achievement is now the Collaborative for Student Achievement. With the new name will come a new location in fall semester: in the on-campus stadium complex.

“It is exciting to have all of our student success programs located in the stadium,” explained Gaye DiGregorio, executive director. “We will be bringing together programs that have been housed in both The Institute for Learning and Teaching, on the Oval, and Aylesworth Hall into a modern, student-centered facility.”

Despite the upgrades and changes, the mission of the Collaborative for Student Achievement remains the same: to empower students to create and achieve their personal and educational goals.

Wide range of programs

Student Achievement programs include:

  • Community for Excellence Scholar Programs — provides mentoring to scholarship students that enriches successful integration to CSU and guides students to graduation.
  • Health Professions Advising — prepares for careers in human and animal health.
  • Key Communities — develops a diverse community that facilitates student learning through shared classes, living together, and upper-class mentor guidance.
  • Orientation and Transition Programs — inspires purposeful transitions to help first-year, second-year, and transfer students develop a sense of belonging at CSU.
  • Outreach and Support — coaches students to be academically successful and provides support for the Fostering Success Program.
  • Undeclared Student Advising — engages students in academic and career exploration, leading to fulfillment of educational goals.

“We are dedicated to supporting and challenging students’ learning from orientation to graduation,” DiGregorio said.

For more information, visit Student Achievement’s website.