Campus Services unit honored by Employee Appreciation Board

The CSU Employee Appreciation Board honored the Campus Services unit in Business and Financial Services on Sept. 12 for their exemplary service.

CSU Employee Appreciation Board
The Campus Services team in Business and Accounting Services includes Bethany Peterson, Publina Meldrum, Summer Leaming and Manager Kris King.

The unit was nominated by their manager, Kris King, who referred to the team of three as absolutely outstanding. She praised the team for ensuring the wheels on the “Campus Accounting Bus” not only stayed on while training a brand-new manager during year end, but in fact drove that bus successfully through their close process.

“They work together as a team very well and they don’t hesitate to support one another while continuing to educate their new manager,” she said.

King said the unit continued to provide exemplary service to their campus contacts during this normally stressful period when the work load was increased due to the change. Finally, she said she feels grateful and blessed to have such an experienced and knowledgeable group to work with, and believes CSU and campus accounting contacts are better because of them.

The group was surprised with lunch from Canino’s restaurant, some CSU swag, and one giant “Thank you!”

About the EAB

The CSU Employee Appreciation Board recognizes employees for their hard work and promotes community spirit among CSU faculty and staff through events such as breakfasts and luncheons. The board meets monthly during the academic year to discuss and plan employee recognition events, as well as to help promote university events. One of the main objectives of the board is the monthly recognition of a group, entity or college.

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