Campus safety officials to monitor storm for campus impacts

Current weather forecasts call for up to 8-12 inches of snow this weekend, starting tonight. The Public Safety Team and Facilities Management will monitor conditions and may make decisions about safety over the weekend that will impact campus access.

Many deciduous trees on campus are beginning to leaf out and bloom. Leaves and buds hold snow on branches, and a heavy snow accumulating on the branches can crack or break the branches. If the forecasted amount of snow does fall and sticks to trees, it will bring some safety concerns about mature trees on campus. A storm of this potential magnitude can break branches on even the healthiest trees.

Trees around the Oval have been pruned to prevent snow damage, but the anticipated conditions may stress these and other mature trees on campus. If this occurs, the Oval will be closed to all traffic, including vehicles, pedestrians and bikes. Other mature trees across campus may also be barricaded. Closed areas will be clearly marked with caution tape or barriers. Do not enter closed areas. When traversing across campus, avoid walking under trees that appear to be weighted down with snow.

In addition to removing snow from roads and sidewalks, Facilities Management will have extra staff on campus this weekend to monitor for issues this storm may bring including roof leaks or electrical issues. Their 24-hour dispatch line, (970) 491-0077, is the best place to report all facilities or grounds-related concerns, including concerns about trees.

This story will be updated if areas of campus are closed over the weekend due to this storm.

Some events scheduled on campus, including non-university events, have already been canceled in anticipation of this storm; check with event organizers for more information.