Off-Campus Life, Neighborhood Services partnership a national model

CSU’s partnership with the City of Fort Collins is getting recognition across the country, most recently in a feature article in the Arizona Daily Sun that focuses on the Fort Collins model as a possible solution for housing challenges in Flagstaff.

“Fort Collins, Colo., could have the solution to Flagstaff’s student housing problem.

Fort Collins Neighborhood Services Manager Beth Sowder enthralled local government officials and residents attending the Community Conversation on Student Housing on Monday with how her city had partnered with Colorado State University to handle the student housing problem in their community.”

The article focuses on collaboration between the university and Fort Collins Neighborhood Services, and the unique community liaison position held by Emily Allen. The jointly-funded position coordinates community efforts between the city and campus,  including the annual Community Welcome.

“The liaison also reaches out to students, Sowder said. The city has a small advertising budget of around $5,000 that it uses to educate student on how to rent their first home or apartment and how to be good neighbors.

City staff and student volunteers pass out brochures and knick knacks, such as playing cards with suggestions, and door hangers that they can fill out and leave on their neighbor’s door. The city also has an off-campus student housing handbook.”

Interested in the article? Read it for yourself.

Watch the video featuring this year’s Community Welcome.