Building and road closures: November 2021

Northeast building entrance of Plant Sciences closed Nov. 29 to Dec. 10

The entrance to the building will be closed, including the sidewalk area leading up to the door. This entrance is closed to make the entry ADA accessible. For those that need elevator access, use the northwest building entrance.

For more information, contact Facilities Project Manager Steve Kim at (970) 248-5846.

Sidewalks and bike paths near Center Avenue and Lake Street closed Nov. 22-29

The sidewalks and bike paths on the north side of Center Avenue and Lake Street will be closed between Nov. 22-29. The sidewalks and bike paths immediately adjacent to the north side of Lake Street at this intersection will be closed during this time. This closure is to repair an underground water line.

Nearby sidewalks will be available for pedestrian detours. See the map for these detours.  For more information, contact the following Facilities Project Managers Jason Weitzel at (970) 556-4926 and Clary Tucker at (970) 217-0618.

Lake And Center Sidewalk Closure Map