Brad Reisfeld goes ‘world class’ on Thai university magazine cover

Brad ReisfeldBrad Reisfeld, associate professor of chemical and biological engineering, has gone world class. That is, his picture appeared on the cover of a magazine published by Thailand’s Naresuan University. The edition’s theme was internationalization.

Reisfeld, also affiliated with CSU’s School of Biomedical Engineering, works in biological, biomedical and environmental sciences relevant to human health. He recently finished a sabbatic year at Naresuan, where he was appointed a visiting professor in the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, as well as a member of the institution’s Center of Excellence for Environmental Health and Toxicology. The first six months of his leave were supported in part by a U.S. Scholar Grant from the Fulbright Foundation.

Reisfeld’s research at Naresuan involved the development of biologically-based models for investigating chemical pathways associated with diseases important to the people of Thailand. These include malaria, HIV and Steven-Johnson Syndrome.

Reisfeld also developed and taught a course on quantitative modeling to students and professors in the faculties of Engineering, Sciences, and Pharmaceutical Sciences.