Blogging from the ends of the earth

2014 Antarctic resesearcher
The 2014 CSU Antarctic research team includes, clockwise from upper left, Ashley Shaw, Tandra Fraser, Diana Wall and Matt Knox.

The Wormherders have returned to the ice.

University Distinguished Professor Diana Wall and her research team are currently in Antarctica for another season studying the soil and the organisms that live in it in the McMurdo Valley.

For the ninth year, the team is providing an online chronicle of their work in a blog called The World of Nematodes. See photos of the team at work — and what summer at the South Pole looks like on the local weather webcams — and follow them on twitter at #wormherders.

Wall, a professor of biology and director of the School of Global Environmental Sustainability at CSU, has been doing research on soil biodiversity with an emphasis on microorganisms known as nematodes in Antarctica for more than two decades. The Wall Valley was named in her honor.

The team is expected to return to Fort Collins on Feb. 2.