Bike education, repair room now open

Need a bike tune-up and want to learn how to do basic bike repairs at the same time? The Spoke bike education and repair room in the Pavilion at Laurel Village is now open and staffed with student mechanics dedicated to helping our campus community learn how to repair flat tires, fix chains, replace brake pads, and complete other basic bike maintenance tasks.

The Spoke is a small bike education and repair room in the Pavilion, part of the new Laurel Village complex on the Northwest side of campus. The Spoke is open from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday and is a collaboration between Surplus and Housing & Dining Services.  In addition to the repairs the student mechanics do, The Spoke also offers campus bike registration and will begin offering bike safety education and group ride programs this spring.

“Eighty percent of the students in the halls bring a bike with them to campus so students helping students with bike education is a great living lab,” says Tonie Miyamoto, the Director of Communication and Sustainability for Housing & Dining Services. “If students stay to assist with their bike repair, there is no charge for labor, only parts. Our goal is to enhance the bike culture at CSU with inexpensive repairs and valuable bike safety education.”

The Spoke keeps a stock of various safety equipment such as lights, locks, and helmets on hand. With a significant decrease in parking spots on campus, more students and staff are turning to bikes, long/skate boards, and scooters to get to and from campus. With frequent riding comes the occasional mechanical malfunction and an increased need for rules of the road education and safety programs. While The Spoke is predominantly focused on assisting residential students, all members of the campus community are welcome to stop by and take advantage of the services and education offered.

For more information about the The Spoke, including hours and pricing, visit the website.

The Spoke is housed in the Pavilion, the first building on CSU’s main campus to pursue LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Platinum certification. The Spoke is just one of many innovative sustainability features in the building, which also houses a living wall, living slope, katabatic tower, Eco Leaders office, and reclaimed/repurposed materials throughout the facility to help engage and educate the campus community around energy conservation, biophilic design, and sustainable lifestyle choices.

Learn more about the Pavilion.