Beyond thoughts and prayers: alternative ways to stand in solidarity

Story by Karissa Stolen

The College of Business Undergraduate Programs Office will host “Beyond Thoughts and Prayers: Alternative Ways to Stand in Solidarity” on Nov. 3 from 2 to 3 p.m. in Rockwell Hall 119.

In tragic moments, often the demonstration of solidarity with minority groups that are being exploited, politicized and dehumanized remains passive and involves “sending our love” to people who are at the center of the oppression. There can be a lack of critical analysis of the impact of people’s action or inaction, and individuals can simultaneously feel helpless, desire support from allies and want a defined role to play in the movements. Often there are questions about how to start these conversations and what is safe to talk about.

This interactive workshop will explore how people show up in movements, and why. It will explore tangible ways, specifically at CSU, to stand in solidarity with a community of people who may be suffering in a system not designed to protect them.

Interested participants are asked to RSVP by email to; more information is available by calling 970-491-2103.

Business majors can earn professional development experience for their resume by attending this workshop. Stop by the Career Management Center in Rockwell Hall West for more information.


Aaric Guerriero, director of the GLBTQQA Resource Center

Stephanie Zee, coordinator for diversity and inclusion in Housing and Dining Services

Karissa Stolen, College of Business Undergraduate Programs administrative coordinator