Beauty and sustainability combine seamlessly in CSU Gustafson Gallery exhibit

Story by Diane Sparks

The inherent beauty found in fine textiles, combined with the challenge of using recycled materials, inspire a guest artist featured at Colorado State University’s Gustafson Gallery.

Design by Linda Örhn-McDaniel
Design by Linda Örhn-McDaniel featuring collars and cuffs from shirts.

A stunning design created from strips of recycled T-shirts, and an evening dress made primarily of collars and cuffs harvested from a tall stack of upcycled men’s shirts, are among the beautiful textile items showing in the upcoming Gustafson Gallery exhibit, Eco Fashion: Works by Linda Örhn-McDaniel. The guest artist, Linda Örhn-McDaniel, is a professor of textile and apparel design in the Fashion School at Kent State University.

Environmental sustainability

The concept of environmental sustainability is central to the design work of Örhn-McDaniel. She uses discarded clothing and scraps of fabric from her own studio as materials for new fashion designs, in an effort to raise awareness of the importance of sustainable design practices. She creates pieces that are sustainable, wearable, beautiful and fashionable.

Linda Örhn-McDaniel
Linda Örhn-McDaniel

No-waste pattern cutting is an additional strategy used by Örhn-McDaniel to accomplish the goals of sustainable apparel production. This method of fashion design yields exciting new forms and shapes, and ensures that every inch of fabric is utilized in the design. The process used for her designs as well as the actual garment patterns will be displayed in the exhibition.

Opening lecture and reception

Design by Linda Örhn-McDaniel
Dress design made from T-shirt strips by Linda Örhn-McDaniel.

The guest artist will share her perspective and process in a lecture entitled From 0 to 100 on Monday, April 24, at 4 p.m. in the Gifford Building, room 331.

Following the lecture, the exhibit opens with a reception from 5 to 7 p.m. Örhn-McDaniel will be in attendance to interact with gallery viewers about her work.

The Gustafson Gallery is under the umbrella of the Avenir Museum, part of the Department of Design and Merchandising in the College of Health and Human Sciences.

The gallery is located in room 318 of the Gifford Building on Lake Street. Hours are from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday—Friday. Admission is free. The exhibit runs until Sept. 14. More information at

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