Be heart smart this February

Story courtesy of the Kendall Anderson Nutrition Center

February isn’t just for showing others how much you love them, it’s also the month for showing your own heart some love.

One in every three deaths is caused by heart disease or┬ástroke. It is the leading cause ofbe-heart preventable death in persons aged 40-65 and there are more than 2 million heart attacks and strokes each year. According to the American Heart Association, “Diet and lifestyle are your best weapons for fighting heart disease.” It is important to remember that it is not about always making the perfect choice, but it is about embracing an overall healthy lifestyle pattern.

Risk factors are conditions or behaviors that increase your risk for heart disease. If you already have the disease, these factors increase the likelihood that the disease will worsen. Some risk factors cannot be controlled, such as your age and family history, but many can through lifestyle changes. It is crucial to maintain controllable risk factors. Having even one risk factor greatly increases your chances of having heart disease. If any of these risk factors apply to you, see your doctor or dietitian about what you can do to prevent heart disease.

Risk Factors

-Smoking or tobacco use
-Overweight or Obesity
-Physical inactivity
-Unhealthy diet
-High blood pressure
-High cholesterol
-Prediabetes or Diabetes
-Family history of heart disease
-Increasing age
-History of preeclampsia during pregnancy

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