Assessing campus workplace culture

Administration Building in spring

How do you feel about working at CSU? Would you like to let the administration know what’s on your mind?

Starting this month, you will have the chance. That’s when the Office of the Vice President for Diversity, in collaboration with the Office of Institutional Research, Planning and Effectiveness, launches the next Campus Climate Survey, which is designed to give every CSU employee the opportunity to share their perspectives and experiences of working here, good or bad, on topics that were identified by key University groups and councils.

“Every person’s voice matters,” said Vice President for Diversity Mary Ontiveros. “We want to hear from everyone about what’s working, what causes problems in your job, and places where we can improve the experience for all faculty, staff and students. But we can’t improve if we don’t know what’s not going well.”

Surveys emailed, hard copies available

Surveys will be emailed to all faculty and staff starting on Oct. 11. Hard copies of the survey will also be available, in English and Spanish. Completed surveys can be returned by email or dropped in secure collection boxes at Morgan Library, the Diversity House at 645 S. Shields St., or at the Office of Institutional Research, Planning and Effectiveness at 601 S. Howes St. by mid-November.

Ontiveros said the survey team has continued to assure that all responses will be remain strictly anonymous, so respondents should feel comfortable in answering all questions candidly. At the same time, the process itself will be transparent, with final anonymous data posted on both the OVPD and IR websites after results are tabulated, in about two months after the survey closes.

“We will share the findings with the President’s Office and Cabinet, the Shared Governance Councils and anyone who asks for a presentation,” Ontiveros added. PowerPoints of these presentations will also be posted online.

This is the third climate survey conducted by CSU in the past six years. Some past issues that have been identified – and addressed – through the climate survey include diversity and inclusion training; bullying, which resulted in a formal policy adopted last year; and the lack of supervisory training, which became a priority for the councils and HR.

Individuals taking the survey can also volunteer to be considered to participate in focus groups.

Results from the 2014 survey can be found here.